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Anita ROKS Jewelry

Organic, Sustainable, Handmade in the USA with Ethically Sourced Materials


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My husband Frank said if there is anyone who can fix my jewelry and do it right, it would be Anita.

C. Walsh

Your detail is both appreciated and impressive.  Working with you is a joy which makes the project even more special.

Gayle Lawrence

Anita just "Gets Me".  She understands my style and with her ability to change my existing jewelry to create something new, I can have jewelry I like, affordably.

Sue Gorker

What is my inspiration?

Anita ROKS Jewelry Brand is all About My Customers

I love my customers and want to impower you by giving you the opportunity to purchase beautiful jewelry accessories for yourself and others, while also maintaining a positive impact on our environment!

My inspiration comes from Nature and all it's wonders, the Universe and all it's mysteries and the Spiritual world which guides me. I love natural stones, beautiful metals and design. I enjoy giving back, protecting my environment and helping others. All of these things inspire me to create beautiful jewelry for YOU in hopes that you will feel the Love and its Power!


Location and Info

Fairhope, Alabama on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay

Mon - Fri, 10am - 4pm
By Appointment Only

Telephone 251-929-3620

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