Anita Park-Rosenbaum

Anita Park-Rosenbaum

"I believe that jewelry is much more than simple adornment, it is essential for our connection to the natural beauty around us which is part of our humanity."

I love designing personal handmade inspiring jewelry for you so that you can treasure the meaningful moments in your life, while at the same time know you are practicing environmental responsibility.

Inspired by wonders of our natural world, my work celebrates nature and life, and embraces your unique personality and passions.

It is my mission to help you in your quest for environmental responsibility by providing you with jewelry accessories that are sustainable, organic, and made in America with ethically sourced materials.

 It takes a village, right?

My works are made of lasting and beautiful materials, precious metals mixed with gemstones to create a raw and refined harmony, which enhance your sense of well being and empowerment. 

My diamonds and precious stones are sourced from reliable vendors who follow the Kimberley process (the fight against conflict diamonds) or are reclaimed.  I also seek other varieties of ethical gemstones, while focusing on domestic sources whenever possible. Many of our cabochons are cut in house from rough material sourced from small mining operations (rockhounds).

Nature influences who I am, how I see the world and how I run my business, including the use of recycled metals and responsible suppliers and a green working environment. I design using traditional metal smithing techniques to avoid the excessive waste associated with other forms of production.  

If you would like to learn more about my processes and how you can help join me in reducing our collective environmental impact just ask.  I am constantly striving to make a difference in your life by carefully reviewing my current practices for opportunities to improve.

5% of my net profit from my jewelry sales is donated to various environmental organizations.  For more information, see my Company Charitable Giving page (link at bottom of page)

    Why I'm so Passionate About the Environmental Impact of my Work

    When I was two years old I had my first asthma attack.  At the time, doctors were limited in the treatments available for asthma.  I remember spending days in a hospital under an oxygen tent and not understanding why I couldn't breathe!  I was tested in a variety of hospitals and labs, put on special diets, kept inside during high pollen seasons, limited to little participation in sports, and yet I still had regular life threatening attacks.  Asthma became a normal way of life for me.

    Fast forward to the present.  Due to some amazing research findings about asthma and what causes it, plus a plethora of new drugs, I am now almost symptom free. 

    As a result of my experiences I am a passionate advocate of and support environmental causes.  There are many illnesses resulting from poor environmental factors and I have made it my mission to do what I can to reduce negative impacts and our collective carbon footprint. 

    I studied jewelry making at Revere Academy and took several private workshops to perfect my skills.  One of my instructors at Revere was very interested in the "Green Studio" concept and she was a big influence on me and how I decided to operate my own studio to avoid health problems and environmental waste.

    I sell my jewelry in juried shows, art centers, boutique stores, and now on-line and in a local shop. 

    I hope you are as excited about my designs and my passion for the environment as I am, and that you will become a loyal fan!

    Anita Park-Rosenbaum, Artist

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