Covid-19 has adversely affected all our lives.  We know that you are concerned about hygiene and cleanliness of products that you receive through the mail or purchase in stores.

In an effort to keep you safe, Anita ROKS Jewelry has established protocols that will provide you peace of mind when you purchase our products.  All jewelry is cleaned and disinfected after production and is packed in sanitary packing materials and sealed before shipping.  While we cannot guarantee that our shipping providers can easily maintain the outside packing sanitary conditions, we feel confident that your product and interior packing are safe to handle.

When your jewelry is brought to us for repair or refashioning, we clean and sanitize the product before we begin working on it.  Afterwards, we again clean and sanitize the jewelry and return it to a sanitary sealed plastic bag, or your original package.  

We hope our procedures will give you the confidence to continue to purchase product and request repairs from Anita ROKS Jewelry during these trying times.


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