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Repurposing Tired or Vintage Jewelry

Everyone has jewelry that’s been around for awhile, sometimes for decades.  Are you tired of wearing the same accessories with your new clothes? Is grandma’s treasured heirloom not working with your current fashions?
Why not consider repurposing for a fresh new look.  Grandma’s heirloom pin can be made into a ring, a bracelet or added as a pendant to a Pearl or beaded necklace.  Beaded jewelry can be restrung shorter, longer or with the subtraction of outdated beads.  Make a bulky beaded necklace into stackable bracelets, or a charm bracelet into a necklace. 
Reset a favorite stone into an up to date
mounting.  Replace a worn stone from your
favorite setting with a shiny new stone.
Anita Roks can repurpose your jewelry giving you a new fresh look, and at a cost savings over buying something new!
Call us for more info or drop off or mail your pieces for a consultation today!

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