Jewelry and Accessory Trends for 2021 Plus, Some Hugs!


Etsy Color of the Year - Sky Blue

Pantone Colors of the Year - Ultimate Grey and Illuminating                                                    2021 Pantone Colors

These colors bring to mind nature, brightness and light, balance and boundaries which are reflected in a lot of Themes for 2021.

Nordic Tradition or the concept of friluftsliv (pronounced "free-loofts-liv") 
Friluftsliv  translates roughly to “open-air living” and is deeply engrained in the country's heritage. From the remote Arctic to urban Oslo, friluftsliv means a commitment to celebrating time outdoors, no matter the weather forecast.  Open air living has become a part of our daily lives due to the pandemic which has invaded our homes.   Jewelry trends have migrated to more organic pieces that are in harmony with this new lifestyle, and our connections with loved ones and nature.
We are becoming more interested in natural beauty products, journaling, yoga practices and spa experiences to help us maintain our health and wellbeing. Our jewelry and accessories reflect this commitment by incorporating essential oils, healing stones and symbolic features.
Our attraction has turned to sustainable, earth friendly products to help protect our environment and reduce our carbon footprint.  Recycled metals, ethically sourced raw materials and green jewelry studios are now important to us when we select our jewelry and accessories.
Above the Keyboard Style
Our work and personal communication environment has changed dramatically in the last year.  Zooming has become a regular part of our daily lives.  As a result,  people are embracing  the "Zoom Leisure Look"  which incorporates comfort front and center paired with statement jewelry to elevate the look for our Zoom meetings.  Statement earrings, brooches, eyeglass chains, and beaded headbands are all a part of the new look.  Vintage jewelry from the 70's and 80's is very popular.  Sales of earrings are up 43% over 2020, and hoop earring sales in particular are up 33% over last year.    Headband  sales, especially those with pearls, are up 30% over 2020.
Other Trends for 2021
Eyeglass chain sales have jumped by 203% over the last year as they do dual duty and can be worn with face masks.  They are very handy when you are in and out of public and need to keep your mask on hand to wear when needed, such as in a restaurant.  They can be matched to your mask which has become a fashion accessory itself!
Gifts for Special Occasions
Mother's Day Themes include Jewelry that is a reminder of togetherness since we are so physically distanced by the current pandemic.  A new trend is Pocket Hug Trinkets, great for Mom or a special loved one.  Simple small trinkets made of wood, metal or resin and often inscribed with a loving message for your loved one to keep in a pocket or purse to remind them of you, are thoughtful and meaningful.   Crafting kits for beading or jewelry making that you can virtually share make another great gift for Moms.  Buy one for  you and one for them and make them together or virtually.  Any maternal figure in you life can be celebrated with special love and inclusion in this special way. 
Birthdays can be more meaningful if a personalized gift is created just for your friend or loved one.  Initial necklaces, jewelry refashioned from a special vintage piece that belongs to the recipient or someone meaningful in their life, Birth Flower jewelry made with dried flowers or metal, bottle Zodiac jewelry which contains their birthdate and/or Zodiac sign and a small embellished glass bottle pendant which contains raw birthstones embellished with silver are great choices.
Pets Pet lovers are finding more ways to incorporate their fur babies into they lifestyle.  Whether it is a personalized collar, bed or a matching item to a person's accessories (such as a face mask or bandana with the animal's picture) we all love to find ways to cement our fur babies into our families.  Necklaces that hold a favorite picture or paw print are also great to show off your love for your pet.
Whatever your personal style, I think you will find the 2021 trends are uplifting and embrace our new "normal".  
Anita ROKS would love to hear your comments on this post!  I look forward to providing you with some of these new trending jewelry and accessory items in 2021.  If you have a special request, let's discuss it!  I love a challenge!   Anita

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