Did you know that wearing your birthstone provides mental and physical benefits?

Why not try something new and invest in jewelry that is unique to your Zodiac sign?

Zodiac gemstones will help you align your body and mind and bring you peace and harmony, while showing off you own personal sense of style.   Zodiac gemstones differ from Birthstones of the Month because they are specific to your actual date of birth or Zodiac Sign.

Aries - Bloodstone

Taurus - Sapphire 
Gemini - Agate 
Cancer - Emerald 
Leo - Onyx 
 Virgo - Carnelian
Libra - Chrysolite 
Scorpio - Beryl 
Sagittarius - Topaz 
Capricorn - Ruby
Aquarius - Garnet 
Pisces - Amethyst 
Anita ROKS Jewelry provides a variety of birthstone related jewelry selections.  You can choose from our Zodiac Birthstones, our Birthstones in a Bottle or have a custom jewelry item created with a particular birthstone.  

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